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Cackler House

The Cackler House

Use this nominating form if you think your home should be designated a Heritage Home. The form requires you to do some digging into its history. If you pass the test a plaque will be created for you to proudly post. To download the pdf form just click on the pdf icon below

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Suggestions for House Research

  • Compile a list of tax records valuation for your property. Current records are filed with the Portage County Treasurer's Office in Ravenna. Older records are at the Portage County Historical Society in Ravenna and the University of Akron Archives in the Polsky Building in Akron.
  • Get copies of the deeds from the present owner back to the original proprietor (chain of title).
  • Look at this information. In general, a building's date can be determined by looking at major changes in tax valuation. The house's date is usually the year before a major increase in taxes shows up.
  • Check the biographical information about significant residents of the house. This may reveal additional information about the building's uses and about changes in the structure.
  • Consider having an architectural historian look at the building and give an opinion.

Your Old House Published by the Special Collection Division of the Akron-Summit County Public Library

Researching and Renovating Your Home

This 13 page booklet gives the reader all the information on how one goes about researching their house. While its concern is about homes in Akron the procedure for researching the history of your home is apropos for any historical home.

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