Kent – A Timeline
The Cuyahoga River has existed for 13,000 years, the source being officially in Burton, Ohio. It, and the glacier which determined its’ course, and the resulting valley, have initiated The History of Kent. The Haymaker family determined the site when they built a dam and began the grinding of flour and feeds and settled here.
Below is a timeline and the events that shaped the town of Franklin Mills and later the renamed city of Kent. Click on the dates and you will see a brief description of the events that shaped our city.
For more detailed information on events up to 1931 consult
Grismer's History of Kent.
Significant Events

This timeline and events list was researched and created by Dr. John and Jean Jacobs.
The resources for the timeline were: Grismer, History of Kent rev., Images of America-Kent, Portage Heritage, Caccamo- Story of Kent, Wikipedia, Portage County History.
If you, the reader, have any dates and or events that you think should be included in this list please send it to us with the resource.