Information about Kent and Portage County

Here are some downloadable pdf files that we feel are interesting and informative. To download these documents all you have to do is place your cursor over the heading and click. You will need the Adobe Reader to open the file. If you do not have the Adobe reader then click on the icon in the sidebar.
A brief history of Kent's founding fathers – Zenas, Marvin and William
This is the original article that gives an excellent history of Marvin Kent and his exploits. If you want to know what Mr. Kent accomplished in his lifetime this article is an excellent resource.
A brief history of John Brown and his Kent Connection.
Take this guide when you take a leisurely walk along the Cuyahoga River Edge Park and learn about the river and the buildings along its edge.
Take this map guide and view the resting place of some of Kent's famous citizens. Included in this guide is a brief history of the Cemetery and those who made their mark on our city.
Kent native Dr. John Jacobs nostalgic memory of being a grocery boy in Kent.
Interesting historical facts about the Kent RR station (The Pufferbelly)
This is the original column as it appeared in the Kent newspaper in 1877.
On March 3, 1921 Kent native and Congressman Martin L. Davey delivered a speech in the House of Representatives. The speech outlined the symbiotic relationship between the tree and all life on earth. It is a very moving speech. This reprint is the speech in its entirety.
Brief Bios about the early pioneer women of Kent, 1805 - 1850.